Kind words...

You are incredible.... I just listened to a woman with a dry hacking smoker’s cough and thought ‘that will never be me.’ I feel energized, happy, and eager to take on the world, and I want to thank you for your role in that.
— Adam Mack
As a person who is concerned with inner and external peace, studio owner Zina has my attention. The gentle yet fun energy she exudes is contagious. Being in her proximity is a gift from The Universe. If you are a fan of Yoga, smiles, fun, or other - worldly beauty you should experience Zin Yoga. Do it soon. Your spirit will thank you.
— Joe S.
Zina is such a bright and shining light, her confidence and warm personality put me right at ease the first time I met her.
I am so thankful I found hypnosis, it helped me root out some deep seated self sabotaging programs instilled in me when I was I child. It was so important to my progress to address these beliefs as they were holding me back in my adult life. I quite enjoyed the whole process, hypnosis worked for me!
— Tony S.
I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your Yin Yoga Seminar. Over the years I have suffered many injury through martial arts. I just got used to being in pain. However since I started practicing Yin Yoga under your guidance, I can honestly say that my tendon pain has completely gone away. Added flexibility and strength are just happy bonuses compared to being pain free. You have a life long believer in me. Thank you.
— Ray McDonald
A whole new world has been revealed to me through Zin Yoga & Hypnotherapy. I am so grateful to Zina for guiding me into my subconscious mind and helping me make beneficial adjustments in my perspective. I’ve had many teachers/trainers in my athletic career, and in life in general, and Zina is up there with the best of them. And I’m more flexible than ever! Thank you Zina for helping me unlock my true potential.
— Dave Jansen
Did an hour-long private Nidra session with Zina the other day. The energy from it lasted for two days. My muscles and tendons felt physically stronger and more toned in one hour. Crazy. Amazing experience, wonderful human being. She knows what’s up.
— Morgan Oxley
Spending two hours with Zina changed my life. She understood where my pain was coming from more than I did. After some talking and crying, we did some visualization exercises. Then we did hypnosis. In the coming week after our session, I started to notice the changes. I felt more relaxed and confident. My old anxieties just went away. Thank you for your affirmation suggestions. See her for your life.
— Ellery
My first private yoga/hypnosis session with Zina put me back into a feeling of being at home. Since I started martial arts training my hips were often sore, but after the session I felt looser and more comfortable in my body. The exercises she showed me, I continue to use on a daily bases. So, if you are an athlete in need of pain/stress relief, I highly recommend going in for a session.
— Carly
Zina is a phenomenal teacher who brings compassion and patience to her craft. I always leave serene, yet energized.
— Pablo Vexl
 Zina has amazing energy, intuition, and wisdom. She is a very healing person who has centered her life around wellness. She surrounds herself with love, so to be in her presence means you are actually in love."
~Jon Hoole          


Zina is incredibly warm and wise. Attending her classes, I cannot help but feel I’m in tender hands as she guides the class through postures and visualizations, which always leave me peaceful and reflective. Highly recommended.
— Dawn K.
I originally was drawn into working with Zina because she had the mentality and ora that I was looking for. Most likely you don’t know, but I am the photographer that designed her logo using the photos in which we shot from her portrait session at the studio, RobProPhoto here in Portland Oregon. Not only did she show great control, she also proved that she has the mindfulness to be a great care taker of ones mind and body, which definitely includes leading. I have no doubt that she would be a great teacher, leader, and mentor if given the chance. So I decided to sign me and my fiancée up to take a few classes from her, and what do you know... I think we found our new leading Yogi.
— Robert Benndiman