I Believe...

I believe that everyday we MUST breathe deeply, sing loudly, and express gratitude freely.

I believe that we are here to enjoy every moment of life.

I believe that every person, I encounter, provides an opportunity to learn and to grow.

I believe, collectively, we can change the world; it does begin with "you."

My journey...

My family emigrated from the USSR in 1989 during the collapse of the Soviet Union.

I learned English at the age of seven from cartoons.

My first language is Russian.

My love for Henry David Thoreau, introduced me to meditation.

I learned to look to nature for inspiration.

The sport I chose in high school: Wrestling.

I learned the power of confidence and self-doubt.

My college students inspire me to continue to work with life's lessons in mastering the art of relationship with life, people, and self. 

My Mission...

...is to guide you into your power. 

Back into your true nature.

To work with you when you are ready to take action. 

My greatest gift is to create that moment where you discover your inner voice. 

To share the great lessons that have been kindly imparted.

To continue to surround myself with people who create leaders. 

I offer...

Love, wisdom, support, guidance, nourishment, and lasting transformation through yoga & guided meditation.

I celebrate with you. I feel deeply with you. I enjoy entering the light of success with you. 

I offer extensive experience and knowledge as a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, National Guild of Hypnotists.

The spirit and knowledge of an experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance.

My formal education in English Literature with a focus in psychoanalytical analysis of texts. 

This provides me with a great deal of mastery over words and an understanding of the human condition.

Years working with college students.

This continues to refine my intuitive abilities. 

Years of experience as a personal trainer and aerobics instructor contributes to my understanding of physiology and anatomy.

Spaces for Teaching...

Check out a guided meditation class with Zina at HUSH meditation in the heart of the Pearl. Sign up and check times @ www.hushmeditation.com

Zina Krivoruk

Certified Consulting Hypnotist

Registered Yoga Teacher
NLP Practitioner & intuitive Counselor

Affiliate  Professor of  Writing Composition

 Photo credit:   Tom Lange

Photo credit:  Tom Lange

For private group and corporate mindfulness classes contact Zina directly or check Urban Balance Website for more information click on the hyperlink HERE NOW 

Phone. 971.808.7245 Address. Two Locations. 2100 SE Lake Road. Milwaukie, OR. & 4380 SW MacAdam Ave
Ste 160, Portland, Oregon

Email. Zina.Krivoruk@gmail.com