The Greatest Sweetness on Earth

Let's Eliminate the Fears of Male/Female Gender Roles


Deconstruct and realize what is important on our journey.

Just listen to the voice without judgment and feel into the message. Notice how the sweetness seeps into the body.

To sense where you are resisting your true nature, JUST feel into the body where it is tight and heavy with sensation. 

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Ordinary People

I will put the self on the line. The only thing that matters is Him.

He is my KING. And, if we shall thrive in the Kingdom of heaven, He is my priority.

He is my KING, and I treat him accordingly without hesitation.

Fear does come, and I acknowledge it; for its desire to protect me, but I know that the LOVE is real.

I taste, touch, smell, see, and most importantly FEEL the reality.

Fear too often an excuse: a denial of self-acceptance, a denial of self- love and self-realization. 

I DECIDE to accept myself for all of my imperfections. And show Him ME; And, all of my imperfections that I show without inhibition, He adores.

My imperfections are delightful in his eyes. He smiles, and that makes me realize, how PERFECT I AM in my imperfections that ARE perfectly perfect. 

I love him for everything that he is: for every little part of him.  

he is learning that he is perfect through my eyes; And, we show each other what family is, and what it means to be home. 

And, what it means to be cared for, and what it means to be Loved.  

What it means to be responsible and accountable for one's actions. Every situation, every circumstance that presents itself, I think: How is this going to benefit my Love? How is this going to inspire me to Love my partner more?

And, the more I Love my partner each and everyday, the more I Love myself. The more I Love myself, the more I Love my partner; And, the more LOVE, yes Capital L LOVE, that I can share with the WORLD, the more Love that is cultivated for my COMMUNITY.

The more that I can look into my partners eyes and see the TRUTH and see that familiar place inside of me through his eyes that's how I know I am fulfilling my mission; 

That is how I know, I am here. That is how, I know I am real; I am human; I am ordinary: I am powerful; I am beautiful; I am the creator of my universe: when I look into my partners eyes; And, through that reflection... 

I understand who I AM... 

and why I AM here.