Healthy Mind Tip #4

If you've been practicing the mind tips, you are getting healthier. And, here is mind Tip #4: Change this and change your life. Continue with mind health habits one step at a time! 

The third thinking error was mental filtering. 

The fourth thinking Error: Disqualifying the positive! STOP

I so often hear from clients “Yes, I did accomplish that, but…”
Eliminate the big fat BUT! It’s not helping you or anyone else. Allow yourself to embellish the positive.

Ignoring or diminishing the importance of the positive is a mental action that transforms something wonderful into something neutral or negative in your experience. By disregarding or distorting your positive experience or characteristics, you sustain negative beliefs about yourself that is often contradicted by positive evidence. When you or someone you love starts to show the minds tendency to think, “the good stuff doesn’t count because the rest of my life sucks!” Identify and notice this, then...

What to do: Sit down and take a few deep breaths. You can either close your eyes or keep them softly gazing out in front of you in a relaxed way. Then, Imagine yourself as a projected image in front of you and off to the side. 

Imagine this image of you as now growing younger to an age where you see yourself as an innocent child around 5 or 6 years old. 

Tell this child how worthy they are of love, and that you wish them happiness. See this child as being worthy of praise. Allow yourself to cultivate compassion, empathy, and heartfelt feelings for this innocent child. 

Once you have anchored this feeling in your body, go ahead and watch the child grow from life stage to life stage arriving back to the present moment and present experience. 

On arrival, notice what you look like in your imagination, and if you’ve discovered any positive traits in that projected image of your adult self. Notice if your feelings of discontent are more important in your heart than your compassion for that innocent, well-intentioned child. 

Getting perspective on this inner demonizing will allow for the expansion of consciousness. 

Learn to communicate in a healthy manner with your inner child (aka Ego) and all else will come easily into your life. 

From the Hypnotist with Love,


You are Loved

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