Healthy Mind Habit #1

Hello My Friends: I've decided to start sharing the secrets of mind health habits one step at a time with you! 

Thinking Error: Change this and Change your entire life

Eliminate all or nothing thinking (aka black and white thinking--not an accident that racism makes no sense).

Simple? Yes! Easy? No

What to do: Stop thinking and speaking in absolute terms: "always", "every" or "never". Notice when you feel compelled to think things are either perfect or a complete disaster. Neither of these viewpoints are helpful.
Suggestion--Check in with reality by writing out a positives and negatives list weighing out the qualities in order to see what is going on in your heart and mind. 

Getting out any inner conflict on paper allows for awareness to expand. Stay mentally healthy and all else will come easily into your life.

From the Hypnotist with Love,


You are Loved