Healthy Mind Habit Tip #2

Hello Again My Friends: Here is the second secret of "mind health habits one step at a time!" 

The first thinking error was to become aware of absolute thinking ("always", "every" or "never" metal cues/words).

Thinking Error # 2: Change this and Change your entire life

Eliminate Overgeneralization (aka drawing global conclusions from one or more isolated events--just because you ate a donut one day does not mean that you are a sugar addict).

First thing is to start identifying the use of generalization whenever you view a movie, debate, tv show, the news, or read almost any article online. Start tobecome aware that overgeneralizing is common and limiting

What to do: Stop drawing conclusions from one or more events and start reflecting on each individual event with an objective mind. Continue to notice"always", "every" or "people are...", or "the world's..." included in thoughts and words in order to identify conclusions being drawn in absolute terms.  

For example: When our car breaks down, we might feel that things alwayshappen to us when it is least convenient; however, in reality we may just be having a bad day and the car broke down. 

"It always seems the car breaks down when I am having a bad day." = Overgeneralization

" He is ignoring me. He always ignores me. He must hate me." = Overgeneralization

One suggestion for breaking this pattern: STOP when you notice yourself thinking this way or saying these phrases aloud. Then, close your eyes, and ask yourself "how is this helping me right now?" And, do not wait for for or expect an answer. See what happens. 

You may just discover something beyond what you'd expect. 

From the Hypnotist with Love,


You are Loved

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Thank you for helping yourselves and one another!
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