RULE the Universe: Learn to Listen First

Re-ignite Universal Listening Etiquette

Listening is an art, and not one mastered by many. If we learn to listen without an agenda, we can RULE the Universe. 

ALL creatures desire to be Heard. Yes! My kitty cat, Jinx Meowstein, reminds me with a meow that he'd like for me to acknowledge his sounds.

That's it! Y'all, they are just sounds. The most important part of communication is to acknowledge the existence of our fellow human beings.

With so much to do, and so many screens to look at, we often JUST zone out. 

STOP the Madness. Listen to the subtle message and be CURIOUS, be present. 

Let's take a stand and Live on Purpose; the least we can do for humanity is to  say, "OK" when our co-workers, lovers, friends and neighbors speak.

"Ok Jinxy," settles my cat down right away. 

If you'd like to learn some practical interpersonal communication techniques in order to improve your relationships with both yourself and others contact Zina to learn more. Workshops coming soon... 

I, also, work with couples both one-on-one and individually to improve relationship communication.