Divorce is a Privilege: "Congratulations the Bitch Left you"

Imagine a world without divorce? Yikes, ok stop.

Divorce feels like a magical rainbow supported by a warm mist, but only after you emerge into your power.

I know. Some of my favorite clients and friends are people transitioning out of unhappy marriages, and into the rainbow of happy relationship with confidence.

If it weren't for divorce, we'd as a culture be stuck in 19th Century England's limited divorce law jail.

Go team America! 

Seriously, on a personal level, the process of divorce is often painful and leaves partners feeling like failures; however, it's time to get excited. Understand and learn from the mistakes of both partners'. Come into your inner power and strength through reflection and compassion.

As you reflect on the circumstances surrounding the divorce, and discover the personality of the unhealthy relationship, it is easy to view the opportunity for growth. 

Here are my suggestions for empowerment through divorce:

1. Take a deep breath before you complain about your former partner. And, choose to STOP. Instead...

2. Celebrate! Say to yourself, "Congratulations the Bitch/Ass finally left you" (sometimes it's nice to use humor to get these feelings out of the way. It's okay to be angry. It's okay to feel relieved. It's normal, natural and funny).

3.  Reflect on your motivation for marriage in the first place. (Companionship, financial support, status, fear of being alone or unwanted, love, family influence?)

4. Before you enter into any other relationship, discover your intention for that relationship. (this will make your life simple, fruitful, purposeful, joyous.)

Divorce hurts as we move through its transformation. We all require an ally into our greatness through the process. The process can be easier than you think. Reach out.