Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga Asana Stresses the Ligaments, Tendons, and Joints of the Body

First, Let’s take a Close Peek into the Function of Yin Postures on Ligaments

What Are Ligaments Anyway?

Ligaments are strong fibrous connective tissues organized to link one bone to another at a joint. The ligaments in the body are varied in density, elasticity, shape and appearance.

WHAT's IMPORTANT is that they have nerve detectors that provide highly intelligent sensory information about the position of the joint. They are THE PROTECTORS of the JOINT.

With AGE the Ligaments lose elasticity and create a feeling of rigidness or tightness in the body. The once RICH ALIVENESS of the Body depreciates in sensation. Great news: Yin Asana practice allows for the ligaments to maintain flexibility by stressing the dense fibers over a three to five minute period. The practice of meditation and noticing the coming back to LIFE of sensation creates a deep appreciation of the natural functions of the body.

Keeping the ligaments healthy and flexible is ONE of the many intentions of Yin Yoga practice. The photos and captions provided demonstrate just two example poses associated with their target ligaments.