Recognize Co-dependency

CoDependent Relationships: Hypnosis helps.

In codependent relationships, people feel confused, doubtful and often exhausted. This creates unnecessary stress, fear and resentment.

Interestingly enough, this deep emotional roller-coaster pulls you back in and is often dismissed as the cultural assumption of "love is not easy."

With hypnosis, you can have an honest conversation with your subconscious mind to understand why you hold on to painful circumstances, thoughts and emotions. Begin to discover why certain reactions and actions in relationships arise. Embark on the journey to heal towards better communication with yourself and setting healthy guidelines for your relationships with others.

The following are a list of signs that you or someone you love is in a codependent relationship:

~ Enabling negative or hurtful behavior
~ Wanting to change the partner or help them
~ Obsessiveness or addiction to the partner
~ Addiction to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, etc.
~ They show mental, physical, emotional and/or financial problems
~ They are both controlling in relationship as well as needy
~ You want to leave but feel afraid of the partners reactions