Meditation Saved My Life

Meditation saved my life. It’s that clear. A decision to sit in stillness brought about a deep respect for the ability to access the capacity for human growth.

In the beginning, Bruce Lee inspired me to learn the rules of confronting my own fear. Enter the Dragon fueled my childhood fire. Kung Fu wasn’t offered at school, so I decided to wrestle, instead, as the only female on the newly founded co-ed team. The idea was to push myself into those places where I was not ‘suppose’ to go; directly into my fear of rejection, failure, judgment, I went with the attitude of proving to myself that there was nothing to fear. I was right; there was nothing to fear as a wrestler that is; but, the desire to conquer fear remained inside of my gut.

Thus, I realized that I’d misinterpreted Lee’s message, and gotten it all wrong. I went back to his quote. “To understand your fear is the beginning of really seeing.” Finally, I started to loosen my determined mindset for gaining physical control over circumstance, emotions, and the mind. I decided to really confront my fear by getting intimate with it inside my body, by sitting still and paying attention. My awareness of all my emotions was finally turned on through mind-fullness practice, and the fear-based reaction of trying to control melted away.

The simplicity of meditation saved my life from unnecessary suffering, distraction; therefore, through understanding intimately my deepest fears in meditation practice, I now know my brightest joys of JUST living.