Healthy Mind Tip #4

If you've been practicing the mind tips, you are getting healthier. And, here is mind Tip #4: Change this and change your life. Continue with mind health habits one step at a time! 

The third thinking error was mental filtering. 

The fourth thinking Error: Disqualifying the positive! STOP

I so often hear from clients “Yes, I did accomplish that, but…”
Eliminate the big fat BUT! It’s not helping you or anyone else. Allow yourself to embellish the positive.

Ignoring or diminishing the importance of the positive is a mental action that transforms something wonderful into something neutral or negative in your experience. By disregarding or distorting your positive experience or characteristics, you sustain negative beliefs about yourself that is often contradicted by positive evidence. When you or someone you love starts to show the minds tendency to think, “the good stuff doesn’t count because the rest of my life sucks!” Identify and notice this, then...

What to do: Sit down and take a few deep breaths. You can either close your eyes or keep them softly gazing out in front of you in a relaxed way. Then, Imagine yourself as a projected image in front of you and off to the side. 

Imagine this image of you as now growing younger to an age where you see yourself as an innocent child around 5 or 6 years old. 

Tell this child how worthy they are of love, and that you wish them happiness. See this child as being worthy of praise. Allow yourself to cultivate compassion, empathy, and heartfelt feelings for this innocent child. 

Once you have anchored this feeling in your body, go ahead and watch the child grow from life stage to life stage arriving back to the present moment and present experience. 

On arrival, notice what you look like in your imagination, and if you’ve discovered any positive traits in that projected image of your adult self. Notice if your feelings of discontent are more important in your heart than your compassion for that innocent, well-intentioned child. 

Getting perspective on this inner demonizing will allow for the expansion of consciousness. 

Learn to communicate in a healthy manner with your inner child (aka Ego) and all else will come easily into your life. 

From the Hypnotist with Love,


You are Loved

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Thank you for helping yourselves and one another!
Light to All!

Healthy Mind Tip #3

Hello Again Adventurer: Here is the third secret of "mind health habits one step at a time!" 

The second thinking error correction was to STOP OVERGENERALIZATION. 

NOW: Thinking Error # 3: Change this and Change your entire life

MENTAL FILTERING is a process  of the brain acknowledging information that only fits with a constructed belief system. This usually consists of focusing only on certain aspects that fit within a limited worldview in order to reaffirm previous beliefs. This is usually looking for only negative or upsetting aspects of something while ignoring the rest. (picking out the worst in partner may sound familiar here)

What to DO: First become aware of your negative filters, and notice when you get into a negative trance.

Then, notice how you are focusing on only the tragic details. (For example: you may ignore all the positive feedback your boss gives you while you zone in on the single point of criticism mentioned.)  

Next: Assess the situation for the positives and possibilities. Reflect on all the good that is in the situation, and notice if the negative may be assuaged.  

For example: When your significant other forgets to show up for your special date, you might start to think about all the times in the past that they showed up late or not at all. You may begin to wonder why you've chosen this mate in the first place. You may begin to feel heavy and filled with anger. If this happens, take a moment to assess the filter.

Notice that you have options.

You can choose to leave your partner if they continue to cause you harm.
And, realize that there are positive qualities to your partner that do not anger you. Perhaps that he/she has nice eyes and does often times remember to show up to dates.

Now you can objectively decide what to do or not do based on a calm evaluation of the circumstance.  Weighing out what you really want and maybe you want to upgrade partners. Maybe not. 

Become aware of those filters to feel better and help others identify their filters faster.

With Love From the Hypnotist

You are Loved

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Thank you for helping yourselves and one another!
Light to All!

Healthy Mind Habit Tip #2

Hello Again My Friends: Here is the second secret of "mind health habits one step at a time!" 

The first thinking error was to become aware of absolute thinking ("always", "every" or "never" metal cues/words).

Thinking Error # 2: Change this and Change your entire life

Eliminate Overgeneralization (aka drawing global conclusions from one or more isolated events--just because you ate a donut one day does not mean that you are a sugar addict).

First thing is to start identifying the use of generalization whenever you view a movie, debate, tv show, the news, or read almost any article online. Start tobecome aware that overgeneralizing is common and limiting

What to do: Stop drawing conclusions from one or more events and start reflecting on each individual event with an objective mind. Continue to notice"always", "every" or "people are...", or "the world's..." included in thoughts and words in order to identify conclusions being drawn in absolute terms.  

For example: When our car breaks down, we might feel that things alwayshappen to us when it is least convenient; however, in reality we may just be having a bad day and the car broke down. 

"It always seems the car breaks down when I am having a bad day." = Overgeneralization

" He is ignoring me. He always ignores me. He must hate me." = Overgeneralization

One suggestion for breaking this pattern: STOP when you notice yourself thinking this way or saying these phrases aloud. Then, close your eyes, and ask yourself "how is this helping me right now?" And, do not wait for for or expect an answer. See what happens. 

You may just discover something beyond what you'd expect. 

From the Hypnotist with Love,


You are Loved

Want to know more about hypnosis? I love to talk, demonstrate, perform, and teach. Reach out and let's make the magic happen.

Thank you for helping yourselves and one another!
Light to All!

Healthy Mind Habit #1

Hello My Friends: I've decided to start sharing the secrets of mind health habits one step at a time with you! 

Thinking Error: Change this and Change your entire life

Eliminate all or nothing thinking (aka black and white thinking--not an accident that racism makes no sense).

Simple? Yes! Easy? No

What to do: Stop thinking and speaking in absolute terms: "always", "every" or "never". Notice when you feel compelled to think things are either perfect or a complete disaster. Neither of these viewpoints are helpful.
Suggestion--Check in with reality by writing out a positives and negatives list weighing out the qualities in order to see what is going on in your heart and mind. 

Getting out any inner conflict on paper allows for awareness to expand. Stay mentally healthy and all else will come easily into your life.

From the Hypnotist with Love,


You are Loved

It's Time to Look Up. Pattern Interrupt.

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”― Maya Angelou

Yes, we all have read about the importance of a power stance before a job interview. And, as the Peanuts cartoon above reminds us, we do have control over our emotions.

We, too often, forget how empowering it is to JUST look up when we are feeling a little down in the rainy dumps. This winter, instead of allowing the weather to shift, and sway, our emotions with the wind, let's be aware of the power of the 'chin up' philosophy.

In hypnosis, we call this a pattern interrupt. Here is a step-by-step for engaging the Pattern Interrupt. This can save you and those around you from unnecessary gloominess. 

1. Practice Mindfulness: Notice when you are feeling yucky.

~ If you are in a negative state, just recognize it.

2. Now, you can change that state by the use of WILL POWER. 
    ~ you can do this in a variety of ways for yourself and others.

a. Use humor and laughter as pattern interrupters. Have a few jokes memorized. Or, just start laughing until the mood changes. 

b. Imagine a beautiful place that you'd like to visit. Or, perhaps conjure up a memory from the past where you felt joyful. Maybe, imagine that you are on an island somewhere. 

c. Go for a walk in nature. Do something unusual and out of your day-to-day routine.

d. Take time off of facebook or abstain from using the internet completely for a few days.

3. Notice how easy it is to re-orient a state from un-resourceful to resourceful.

And, know that you or someone you love will create any desired mood.
That mood is maintained by body posture and thoughts just as the comic suggests.

It is a choice. 

So, if someone you love wants to feel misery, perhaps just laugh yourself silly.
It might snap them out of it.

RULE the Universe: Learn to Listen First

Re-ignite Universal Listening Etiquette

Listening is an art, and not one mastered by many. If we learn to listen without an agenda, we can RULE the Universe. 

ALL creatures desire to be Heard. Yes! My kitty cat, Jinx Meowstein, reminds me with a meow that he'd like for me to acknowledge his sounds.

That's it! Y'all, they are just sounds. The most important part of communication is to acknowledge the existence of our fellow human beings.

With so much to do, and so many screens to look at, we often JUST zone out. 

STOP the Madness. Listen to the subtle message and be CURIOUS, be present. 

Let's take a stand and Live on Purpose; the least we can do for humanity is to  say, "OK" when our co-workers, lovers, friends and neighbors speak.

"Ok Jinxy," settles my cat down right away. 

If you'd like to learn some practical interpersonal communication techniques in order to improve your relationships with both yourself and others contact Zina to learn more. Workshops coming soon... 

I, also, work with couples both one-on-one and individually to improve relationship communication. 

POOP: First thing in the Morning

POOP: Provide Opportunities on Paper

Our thoughts, our moods, our actions in the morning set the tone for the rest of our glorious or sluggish day.


First thing in the morning: provide yourself with quiet space, and a set amount of time, to write out all the possibilities for the day. Then, clarify -- with care in thought -- the opportunities that resonate the most with your goals and core values.

The written word serves as the most valuable human technological invention, so USE it. If bad experiences with writing prevent you from embracing your talents, make a choice NOW. 

Choose to Re-Create negative associations by writing out your perfect day; and, manifest your personal greatness.  

Start the DAY with habits that the most successful people in the world incorporate into their day-to-day lives. 

Need some assistance in realizing your core value and goals.  Talk at me 925-285-6128


Parents Make Oopsies too: Let go of Blame

Pattern in America's therapy culture: "Let's figure out a way to blame parents for not doing enough, and getting it all wrong."  Innocent logic: this will get us out of being responsible for our lives. Yay! 

No, not yay. 

Blame fuels a fire of self-sabotage. This fire flickers deep inside burning through your power. 

Fuel it and suffer. Turn it off. Just like you would turn off your car engine when you aren't driving it.  

Allow it to extinguish into your own goodness and enjoy life. 

How can you put that flame out?

1.  Understand that your parents always did the best that they could with the tools that they had. Everyone does the best they can within their circumstance. 

  • Your current circumstances are not enhanced by repeating parents mistakes.
  • If you notice yourself repeating poor habits that your parents demonstrated, it's because you have not forgiven them yet. 

2.  Let go and learn from your parents mistakes.

  • The greatest gift of family is a deeply ingrained view of peoples flaws.
  • Notice, things that do/did and don't/didn't serve them from an intimate level.
  • Know that no matter how dis-FUN-ctional your family, the lessons are plentiful and serve as a lifetime of education. This is part of evolution.

3. Take responsibility for your pain and regret. It's okay to make mistakes. When we blame others, we punish ourselves. We are blaming ourself.

  •  See that you are a good person and mean well.
  • Take responsibility for creating your suffering and forgive yourself (This is human. All humans do this, so cute).
  • Think positive thoughts about your progress.

4. Say to yourself, "I forgive you for holding onto this pain." "Thank you mom, and I am sorry for your pain." "Thank you dad, and I am sorry for your pain." "I know you did the best you could with the tools that you had at the time." "I let go of past hurst and regrets. All people make mistakes, and I have learned from my mistakes. I let go of the thoughts and habits that no longer serve me. I love you and thank you for surviving. May I now enjoy my life with the new helpful tools that I have learned as an adult . Thank you for all events that have led me to this moment. 

If you wish to live your life with purpose, let go of blame. Let go of victimhood and make the choice to understand that parents make Oopsies too. It's okay for you to make OOPSIES. The best people make oopsies. 

Reach out for support! 






Divorce is a Privilege: "Congratulations the Bitch Left you"

Imagine a world without divorce? Yikes, ok stop.

Divorce feels like a magical rainbow supported by a warm mist, but only after you emerge into your power.

I know. Some of my favorite clients and friends are people transitioning out of unhappy marriages, and into the rainbow of happy relationship with confidence.

If it weren't for divorce, we'd as a culture be stuck in 19th Century England's limited divorce law jail.

Go team America! 

Seriously, on a personal level, the process of divorce is often painful and leaves partners feeling like failures; however, it's time to get excited. Understand and learn from the mistakes of both partners'. Come into your inner power and strength through reflection and compassion.

As you reflect on the circumstances surrounding the divorce, and discover the personality of the unhealthy relationship, it is easy to view the opportunity for growth. 

Here are my suggestions for empowerment through divorce:

1. Take a deep breath before you complain about your former partner. And, choose to STOP. Instead...

2. Celebrate! Say to yourself, "Congratulations the Bitch/Ass finally left you" (sometimes it's nice to use humor to get these feelings out of the way. It's okay to be angry. It's okay to feel relieved. It's normal, natural and funny).

3.  Reflect on your motivation for marriage in the first place. (Companionship, financial support, status, fear of being alone or unwanted, love, family influence?)

4. Before you enter into any other relationship, discover your intention for that relationship. (this will make your life simple, fruitful, purposeful, joyous.)

Divorce hurts as we move through its transformation. We all require an ally into our greatness through the process. The process can be easier than you think. Reach out. 





Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga Asana Stresses the Ligaments, Tendons, and Joints of the Body

First, Let’s take a Close Peek into the Function of Yin Postures on Ligaments

What Are Ligaments Anyway?

Ligaments are strong fibrous connective tissues organized to link one bone to another at a joint. The ligaments in the body are varied in density, elasticity, shape and appearance.

WHAT's IMPORTANT is that they have nerve detectors that provide highly intelligent sensory information about the position of the joint. They are THE PROTECTORS of the JOINT.

With AGE the Ligaments lose elasticity and create a feeling of rigidness or tightness in the body. The once RICH ALIVENESS of the Body depreciates in sensation. Great news: Yin Asana practice allows for the ligaments to maintain flexibility by stressing the dense fibers over a three to five minute period. The practice of meditation and noticing the coming back to LIFE of sensation creates a deep appreciation of the natural functions of the body.

Keeping the ligaments healthy and flexible is ONE of the many intentions of Yin Yoga practice. The photos and captions provided demonstrate just two example poses associated with their target ligaments.

Recognize Co-dependency

CoDependent Relationships: Hypnosis helps.

In codependent relationships, people feel confused, doubtful and often exhausted. This creates unnecessary stress, fear and resentment.

Interestingly enough, this deep emotional roller-coaster pulls you back in and is often dismissed as the cultural assumption of "love is not easy."

With hypnosis, you can have an honest conversation with your subconscious mind to understand why you hold on to painful circumstances, thoughts and emotions. Begin to discover why certain reactions and actions in relationships arise. Embark on the journey to heal towards better communication with yourself and setting healthy guidelines for your relationships with others.

The following are a list of signs that you or someone you love is in a codependent relationship:

~ Enabling negative or hurtful behavior
~ Wanting to change the partner or help them
~ Obsessiveness or addiction to the partner
~ Addiction to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, etc.
~ They show mental, physical, emotional and/or financial problems
~ They are both controlling in relationship as well as needy
~ You want to leave but feel afraid of the partners reactions

Meditation Saved My Life

Meditation saved my life. It’s that clear. A decision to sit in stillness brought about a deep respect for the ability to access the capacity for human growth.

In the beginning, Bruce Lee inspired me to learn the rules of confronting my own fear. Enter the Dragon fueled my childhood fire. Kung Fu wasn’t offered at school, so I decided to wrestle, instead, as the only female on the newly founded co-ed team. The idea was to push myself into those places where I was not ‘suppose’ to go; directly into my fear of rejection, failure, judgment, I went with the attitude of proving to myself that there was nothing to fear. I was right; there was nothing to fear as a wrestler that is; but, the desire to conquer fear remained inside of my gut.

Thus, I realized that I’d misinterpreted Lee’s message, and gotten it all wrong. I went back to his quote. “To understand your fear is the beginning of really seeing.” Finally, I started to loosen my determined mindset for gaining physical control over circumstance, emotions, and the mind. I decided to really confront my fear by getting intimate with it inside my body, by sitting still and paying attention. My awareness of all my emotions was finally turned on through mind-fullness practice, and the fear-based reaction of trying to control melted away.

The simplicity of meditation saved my life from unnecessary suffering, distraction; therefore, through understanding intimately my deepest fears in meditation practice, I now know my brightest joys of JUST living.